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Our Mission

XerSolutions is committed to the development of software solutions for project management and related industries.

The Directors

Jack has been in the software business since 1983, developing custom solutions and managing an innovative software company. His interests in project management and scheduling in particular, is synergetic with Sterling’s depth of experience and together produced XerTransfer, filling an outstanding need within the industry. As Directors of XerSolutions, the company is aptly focused on developing a number of products to aid good schedulers everywhere.

Contact Jack via or by emailing: exec@xertransfer.com

Sterling is a Project Planning, Scheduling and Controls Specialist. As a consultant with 15 years of industry experience, Sterling has a strong project controls and scheduling background working across major projects in the mining, oil and gas, drilling, water, aircraft and defence industries. With a unique understanding of drivers that can impact the ability to deliver a project on time and on budget, Sterling has developed a shared interest with Jack in project management technologies and solutions. Having aligned interests Jack and Sterling cohesively work to identify technological resolutions to issues facing planners in todays current project climate. XerTransfer, a product of XerSolutions, has done just that.

Contact Sterling via or by emailing: exec@xertransfer.com

Our Story......

Sterling has extensive experience working across a wide range of major projects as a project controls specialist. During this period Sterling has regularly encountered issues in being able to efficiently exchange project data between Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6. 

Receiving schedules from Project Engineers, Sub Contractors, Planners/ Schedulers and the wider project management team as Microsoft Project mpp files required a solution to exchange the data as an XER file.

The inability to directly and quickly import and export project data between these software platforms and maintain schedule integrity lead Sterling to the idea of building a software “MSP XER bridge” tailored to close the gap between and provide an efficient and reliable solution for both Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6 users.

This lead Sterling to approach Jack, a colleague who specialises in both project controls and software development to work through the software build.  Together Sterling and Jack partnered, co-developing XerTransfer, a product of XerSolutions.

XerTransfer has been developed as both a Standard and Professional version servicing intermediate to advanced data exchange requirements.

In an ever advancing world of project management and related technologies, Sterling and Jack are committed to the continual development of customised, efficient and streamlined solutions to better service and align planners, schedulers and wider project teams.

If you  require a customised solution, contact XerSolutions.